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After several years of design and production preparation, in 2021 two versions of the Hungarocopter HC-02 suitable for transport were completed. Equipped with an aircraft engine, the Rotax 915 IS is more efficient than currently available helicopters due to its ultra-lightweight design and efficient power supply. Also, its operating costs are at least 25% lower than helicopters in similar categories.

The Hungarocopter HC-02 was tested, documented and manufactured in accordance with the requirements described in the Hungarian 21/2015 (V.4) NFM and the German DULF (LTF – ULH vom 28.02.2019) regulations during its construction.
As of June 8, 2021, it has the necessary flight permit, registration certificate and flight permit for test flights in Hungary and Slovakia.

Patents and innovations built into the Hungarocopter HC-02:
- Electrical Rescue System
- Automatic anti-tip device.
- Center of gravity offset, compensation with movable fuel tank system.
- Self-developed, high-efficiency and quiet-running rotors (Silent Type)

We are committed to producing a premium quality, multi-purpose helicopter with high flight safety, which is suitable for both civilian and government use, with the highest level of operation in mind, keeping the needs of our customers in mind.
Our goals are ensured by our company's advanced machine and equipment park, technical background, as well as trained engineers and specialists.
Our goal is to obtain the EASA CS-27 certification required to reach a wider market segment.

The Hungarocopter team